Investor Relations

Fueled by globalization of information, today there is greater emphasis placed on disclosure of company information by investor relations. We recognize that in order to build and maintain credibility and trust with our shareholders, potential investors, analysts and the interested public, we must disclose reliable management information in a timely manner on top of providing various attractive products. As a globalized company, we are absolutely determined to devote our efforts to gain further understanding and support beyond the stockholders, potential investors and stakeholders orbit, on all aspects of our management activities of the mid term management policies. Our investor relation will initiate in taking this role. Our goal is to continuously provide credible investor relations information to everyone.

News UpdatePress Release List

Announcement Concerning Opinion on Tender Offer by CK Holdings Co., Ltd.

Announcement Regarding Commencement of the Tender Offer for the Shares of Calsonic Kansei Corporation (Securities Code: 7248) by CK Holdings Co., Ltd.

Financial Results for the Third Quarter Ended December 31, 2016

Announcement on the Distribution of Surplus (the "Special Dividend") and Provisional Settlement of Accounts

Notice regarding Establishment of Record Date for the Distribution of Surplus (the "Special Dividend")

Announcement Regarding Progress Toward the Tender Offer for the Shares of Calsonic Kansei Corporation (Securities Code: 7248) by CK Holdings Co., Ltd.

Announcement on the Resolutions of Partial Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and Reduction in the Amounts of Capital, Capital Reserve, and Retained Earnings Reserve

Announcement on Revised Agenda for the Extraordinary General Shareholders' Meeting("Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation")

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The sole purpose of posting information on our homepage is not to attract investors but to disclose information. We have paid our closest attention in posting information on our website. We take no responsibility for any damage associated with this website.