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Description of our products for a vehicle as 6 category

CPM & Interior Products

CPM & Interior products are the most "can see", "can touch", and "can feel" products while driving. As the products can be seen and touched, we provide the comfort such as easy-to-use, good appearance and texture, and also safety for collision accidents.

Climate control Systems

Calsonic Kanseiís climate control systems provide a comfortable space to every people. It consists of interior unit (air conditioning unit & intake blower unit) and engine compartment parts (compressor, condenser and pipe).


Compressor is one of parts constituting Air Conditioning System. It plays a role of "heart" which circulates refrigerant within refrigeration cycle.

Heat Exchange

Radiator controls appropriate water and oil temperature in order to bring out power train power with the max. efficiency. Condenser carries out comfortable A/C performance. Fan Motor makes radiator and condenser exert their good performance even under idling conditions.
By effectively placing those products and making them module in the front end of vehicle, they improve environmental performance and comfortability of vehicle.

Electronics products

To ensure the safety and comfort of vehicles, Calsonic Kansei provides a wide range of Electronics products. Electric vehicles related products, products for airbags and sensors, usability of human machine interface products and many more.

Exhaust Systems

Exhaust system is rocated an engine compartment and a vehicle underfloor. This system role is a silence, purification, heat recollection, etc. of an exhaust gas, and improve a vehicle environmental performance and a comfortabe performance.

Our products are OEM products ( Original Equipment Manufacturing), and are not sold directly to the customer. We cannot release any information regarding product specifications, quality assurance and after-sales service of OEM parts.
If you are inquiring about OEM parts, please contact your car manufacturer or local service dealer.