Stakeholder Engagement

Promoting Active Information Disclosure and

Dialogue with an Awareness of Transparency

Basic Stance

GlobalGlobal Policy

The Calsonic Kansei Group values the transparency of its management both within and outside the company, and is committed to the active disclosure of information to its stakeholders. It is also engaged in the enhancement of activities to promote fair and constructive dialogue with its stakeholders.
In identifying major stakeholders in the fiscal year in question, the CSR Secretariat (CSR/Public Relations & IR Department) undertakes reviews as required, based on the CSR Policy and CSR Medium-Term Plan, as well as the key CSR issues that are reviewed in light of society’s expectations and other factors.

Major stakeholders


Stakeholder Initiatives

GlobalGlobal Activity

FY2017 results

Stakeholder Major engagements Initiatives
Customers Automotive manufacturers
  • Meetings with top executives
  • Regular sales/marketing and proposal activities
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Exhibitions
  • Opinion exchanges
To respond to the increasingly diverse requirements and expectations of the times and to provide a high-quality spirit and service that will satisfy our customers, we conduct an annual quantitative evaluation of each of our product areas from six perspectives, including quality. This initiative has been ongoing since FY2005, and the evaluations have improved every year. These evaluations also gather together opinions on areas that require improvement. In FY2017, opinions expressed included the need for improvement in the area of management.
Buiness partners (Suppliers) Companies that supply parts and services to the Calsonic Kansei Group
  • Regular procurement activities
  • Suppliers Meetings (policy briefings, liaison meetings)
  • Supplier audits
  • Supplier exhibitions at CK headquarters
  • Due diligence surveys
  • Survey regarding action on conflict minerals
  • Distribution of guidelines (CSR, green procurement)
  • Establishment of supplier whistleblower desk
The Calsonic Kansei Group is committed to working together with our suppliers as equal partners for the mutual achievement of greater competitiveness and sustainable growth, and by following fair and ethical business practices. Suppliers meetings are held on an annual basis, at which we communicate the Group’s procurement policies for the financial year, present awards to suppliers that have excelled in their performance, and conduct surveys. Separate liaison meetings are also held for each procurement category, as part of our efforts to achieve two-way communication.
Employees All employees of the Calsonic Kansei Group and their families, retired employees
  • Personnel reviews
  • CK WAY and Compliance Penetration Survey
  • Employee Commendation Program
  • Employee Awareness Survey (Performance Characteristic Profile Survey)
  • Labor-management roundtables
  • Advice desk
  • Various counselling services
  • Internal whistleblowing scheme
  • Intranet
  • Intranet Comment Form
  • Company Newsletter
We are engaged in efforts that respect the diversity and value of each individual employee and that will give them a place to develop their own character, so they may better contribute to the company and to society, and to a safe, healthy environment. Every year, we survey all Calsonic Kansei Group employees about the degree to which they practice the ten action principles of our action guideline, the CK WAY. We also collect anonymous comments about problematic behavior, and activate the PDCA cycle to pursue improvements. For our retired employees, we send out the company newsletter for the first two years after their retirement and endeavor to maintain communication with them.
Shareholders Calsonic Kansei shareholders
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Facility tours
  • Regular meetings
Through regular meetings, we report on the business and provide ongoing improvement activities in response to shareholder demands and expectations.
Government, Municipalities Government agencies and municipalities in all regions in which the Calsonic Kansei Group has business locations
  • Responses to laws and regulations
  • Regular individual meetings
  • Meeting between Governor of Saitama Prefecture and former CEO Moriya
  • Cooperation with government events (volunteering, sponsorships, etc.)
  • Support for local government activities
Through meetings with the top figures in the administrations of Saitama Prefecture and the City of Saitama, where our corporate headquarters are located, and regular meetings with other officials, we share issues and mutual requests with the local community and reflect them in our corporate activities. We are also strengthening our contributions to the region, including providing support for local government activities (e.g.,The Calsonic Kansei Next-Generation Scholarships for Saitama Prefecture, support for forestation programs, donation of school backpack covers to Saitama City). Both in Japan and overseas, we aim to contribute to local communities as a good corporate citizen by recommending and sponsoring staff volunteers at government-hosted events.
We ask the Saitama Prefecture and Saitama City administrations about their expectations regarding Calsonic Kansei’s key CSR issues and use their feedback to inform our initiatives.
Local communities Local residents and communities in all regions in which the Calsonic Kansei Group has business locations
  • Kids Engineer program
  • Traveling classroom activities for elementary schools
  • Clean-up activities
  • Environmental Communication meeting
  • Meetings with residents’ associations
  • Business site tours
  • Online Inquiry Form
The Calsonic Kansei Group undertakes a range of activities aimed at gaining the acknowledgement and trust of local residents. As part of these initiatives, since 2015, once every two years, we invite representatives of local residents’ associations and companies to the Calsonic Kansei R&D Center and corporate headquarters to take part in “Environmental Communication” meetings to discuss our environmental activities. Similarly, our other facilities around Japan and overseas have established various opportunities for communication with their local communities and are engaged in cooperation with the local regions.
We ask the people who attend the Environmental Communication meetings about their expectations regarding our key CSR issues and use their feedback to inform our initiatives
NGO/NPO Organizations involved in sectors to which Calsonic Kansei should make particular contributions
  • Individual discussions
  • Participation in activities
We recognize in particular the automotive industry’s impact on the environment and seek to work together with environment-related non-government and non-profit organizations. We participate in and/or provide assistance for these organizations’ environmental protection activities based on our individual discussions with them.
We also provide support for organizations that aim to nurture future generations.
Overseas, as well, we seek to make society better through collaborations with local non-government and non-profit organizations that are engaged in various programs.

*As of Fiscal 2017


Ongoing Customer Satisfaction Surveys
JapanJapanOverseasOverseas System

The Calsonic Kansei Group conducts an annual Customer Satisfaction Survey to gauge our customers’ evaluation of our corporate activities. This survey has been conducted every year since 2005 and was held for the thirteenth time in 2017.
Using a survey, respondents are asked to evaluate Calsonic Kansei on a five-point scale in the individual categories of Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, Management, and Sales (QCDDMS). They are also invited to make comments regarding specific requests for improvement.
There are four key points relating to the analysis of the survey results.

  • The same items are evaluated every year so we can monitor changes over time.
  • The respondents are made clear and the status of collection of the completed surveys is ascertained (to understand the relationship with the customers).
  • Changes and comments are confirmed and issues clarified.
  • Measuress for improving identified issues are incorporated into the next fiscal year’s plans and implemented.

With this survey as a point of connection, we will further enhance our communication with our customers and aim to improve customer satisfaction.

Implementing the following measures based on the findings of the Fiscal 2016 survey resulted in a 0.07-point increase in the evaluation rating in the Fiscal 2017 survey.

  • Strengthening of sales structures
  • Opening offices closer to customers
  • Prompter responses

We will also analyze the results of the Fiscal 2018 survey and continue to add new measures and undertake other improvements.

Fiscal 2017 Survey Results and Response

We analyze the survey data by customer, product and region.
The following represents some of the customer feedback received during Fiscal 2017.

Points for Improvement by Function


  1. 1. Issues related to costs and cost details (281 cases)
  2. 2. Issues related to response and speed (51 cases)
  3. 3. Issues related to visits/communication (22 cases)


  1. 1. Issues related to new development and advanced development (60 cases)
  2. 2. Issues related to proposal activities (59 cases)
  3. 3. Issues related to management (project management, etc.) (58 cases)


  1. 1. Issues related to management (123 cases)
  2. 2. Issues related to response and speed (51 cases)
  3. 3. Issues related to analysis capabilities (25 cases)

We hope that the planning and implementation of improvement proposals for each of these functions will lead to improved customer satisfaction and the establishment of better relationships.

FY2017 Customer Satisfaction Evaluation by Product
(Change from FY2016)

  Product Total average
UP A 0.30
B 0.22
C 0.13
D 0.10
E 0.07
F 0.05
G 0.00
DOWN H -0.03
I -0.03
J -0.05
K -0.10
L -0.17

FY2017 Customer Satisfaction Evaluation by Item

Trends in Customer Evaluation Ratings (5 points is the highest score)

Number of responses received
Evaluation point


Employee Awareness Survey
GlobalGlobal System

With the Calsonic Kansei Group’s addition to KKR in Fiscal 2017, a survey was conducted of all global employees.
The aim of this survey was to ascertain how employees perceived strengths and weaknesses in the corporate culture and the way work is progresses, to share with management any issues that have arisen in the pursuit of the Medium-Term Business Plan, and to use their feedback to inform approaches to improvements.
Each year, the Calsonic Kansei Group also conducts a survey to assess how well the CK WAY, the common action guideline for our employees, is being implemented. We use 64 multiple choice questions to determine how well the values in the 10 areas pursued in the CK WAY are being shared in the workplace, and to assess actual employee behavior. The results are used to develop action plans aimed at further improvements.

Labor/Management Relations
GlobalGlobal System

Based on the stance that healthy labor-management relations are essential for corporate growth, Calsonic Kansei and its Group companies in Japan have built stable labor-management relations with the Calsonic Kansei Group Union Confederation (CKGU), to which their employees belong. We strive to improve the working conditions of our employees and revise relevant systems through regular opinion exchanges at labor-management roundtables and in the Work Style Improvement Committee. As of the end of March 2018, 100% of our employees (excluding those in managerial positions, re-hires, and non-regular workers) belong to the CKGU.
Job reassignments are made from a long-term, human resources development viewpoint, after considering the individual employee’s career path preferences that have been identified through interviews with the Human Resources Dept and the employee’s supervisor. At least three months’ notice is given before a job transfer to ensure a fair transfer process.

Government, Municipalities

Participation in Outside Organizations and Other Initiatives

Basic Stance

In order to help create a better society, the Calsonic Kansei Group is actively participating in cross-industry initiatives and advanced initiatives being promoted through industry-government-academia collaboration.

Main Organizations in which Calsonic Kansei Participates

Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA) (Vice Chair)
Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE)
Keidanren (Member, Board of Councilors)
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association(JEITA)
Japan Institute of Industrial Engineering (JIIE)
Saitama Association of Corporate Executives (Standing Executive Secretary)
International Association for Universal Design (IAUD)

Industry-Government-Academia Projects

In Fiscal 2017, Calsonic Kansei participated in 39 industry-academia collaborative research initiatives.