Beda Bolzenius

In April 2018, I was appointed as President and CEO of Calsonic Kansei Corporation. I am honored to have received such an opportunity in this milestone 80th anniversary year since the foundation of the company.

Respond Speedily to Market Environment Changes and Create New Innovation Using the Technologies We Have Accumulated Over Our 80-year History

The Calsonic Kansei Group and the environment of the markets we are involved in have entered an era of great change.
At the end of March 2017, the Calsonic Kansei Group underwent a major transformation, moving out from under the umbrella of the Nissan Motor Group to become an independent manufacturer of automotive parts.

The automotive industry is in the midst of bewildering change. The major pillars of that change are the trends known as ACES (A: Autonomous; C: Connected; E: Electronic; S: Shared).
In 2017, Calsonic Kansei announced its new Medium-term Business Plan “Compass 2021.” Focusing on the domains of Cabin Innovation and Energy Management, our aim is to be a system solution provider using our DNA for technological innovation and our passion for Monozukuri.
These focus domains are closely connected to the ACES trends. We will respond to these trends by, for example, building integrated CPM (cockpit modules) by leveraging a wide range of technologies gained through developing diverse products and by leveraging electrical power management and heat management technologies, to provide systems for optimizing the energy flows of electrically-powered vehicles.

The market environment is in a constant state of flux and new demands are always being created. We must continue to provide outstanding technologies of high quality. Standing still is not an option.
Meanwhile, to survive against cutthroat competition, instead of trying to cover all bases, we need to focus strategically on specific products and solutions.
Leveraging my own experience in the automotive industry and the technologies that Calsonic Kansei has built up over the years, I will help to create innovation and contribute to the further growth of the Calsonic Kansei Group.

Fiscal 2017, the Year We Took a Giant Step Toward the Next Stage

For our consolidated performance in Fiscal 2017, which was the first year of the new Medium-Term Business Plan “Compass 2021”, despite the tough market environment we managed to maintain one trillion yen, which is the same level as the previous term, through a range of sales promotion activities and management efforts. We aim to further increase revenue and sales based on the three growth strategies defined in “Compass 2021”.

In the area of the environment, with the objective of strengthening our environmental activities on a global scale, we revised our environmental policy in March 2018 and renamed it the CK Green Policy.
Further, in Compass 2021, we established targets for reducing Scope 1 and Scope 2 CO2 emissions, founded on science-based targets (SBT). In Fiscal 2017, we made steady progress in our preparations for achieving those targets.

In terms of society, we placed emphasis on social issue responses that also encompass our supply chains, and proceeded with initiatives jointly with our suppliers and other partners.
Specifically, we conducted due diligence of our major suppliers regarding compliance and CSR overall, and made progress on the revision and penetration of purchasing and other guidelines. In Fiscal 2018, we will take the outcomes of these activities and connect them to concrete action, including identifying problems and conducting explanatory briefings.
Our efforts in social contribution activities are centered on the four domains of next-generation support, safety, environment, and community. Moving forward, we will share best practice in each region with the aim of realizing globally integrated activity in this area.

Accelerating Growth as a Single, United Team that is Both Diverse and Cohesive

Because Calsonic Kansei handles a large variety of products, our organization must inevitably be multi-faceted. However, I believe firmly in the importance of each and every employee working cohesively so we can grow as a single, united team.
To expand our business globally, we will promote diversity in our team. While valuing the diversity of our people in terms of gender, nationality, and ability, and the diversity of our expert technology and know-how gained by handling many different types of products, we will unite through close communication.
We are actively engaged in reforming working styles as the foundation for achieving a single, united team. By pursuing initiatives for operational efficiency improvements and establishing a variety of systems to facilitate diverse working styles, we will strive to create more satisfying workplace environments.

Pursuing Sustainable Management from a Long-term Perspective that Combines CSR and Management

The Calsonic Kansei Group systematized its CSR activities in Fiscal 2015. In addition to raising awareness about CSR activities, we contributed to finding solutions to social issues through our business.
In Compass 2021, we declared CSR as one of the foundations of our business management. We will now respond flexibly to global economic and social developments with a long-term perspective and, using our management resources efficiently, aim for the further integration and deepening of CSR activities and management. To this end, we will continue to engage proactively with our stakeholders.
Further, in Fiscal 2017, we incorporated the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) * into our review of key CSR challenges. In addition to linking them to our 15 key CSR challenges, we established focus objectives in our business activities that will contribute to achieving these global goals.

So we can continue to grow and develop in perpetuity for the next 80 years and beyond, the Calsonic Kansei Group will embrace challenge and pursue our operations as a single, united team. I look forward to the continued, unwavering support and cooperation of our stakeholders.

Beda Bolzenius
President and CEO
Calsonic Kansei Corporation

* In September 2015, more than 150 members of the United Nations attended the UN Sustainable Development Summit at UN Headquarters in New York and adopted the agenda, which contains a declaration and goals that serve as a plan of action for the prosperity of the planet and people. These are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets, known as the SDGs.

Contribution to SDGs

Calsonic Kansei’s CSR and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)