Motorsports Technology

Extreme Performance
under Harsh Racing Conditions

Product Value Born
from Motorsports Technology

The research and development of motorsports products is about the pursuit of extreme performance under harsh racing conditions.
Its product value can immediately be seen in the results of the races. The results of R&D for motorsports products can also be used in mass market products, leading to the creation of product value.

Using motorsports technologies in mass market products

Calsonic Kansei was the first in the world to develop race car radiators using aluminum brazed tubes. This technology is highly rated and utilized by racing teams in Japan,  and other teams such as McLaren.
The technique of aluminum brazed tube construction was applied to mass production, and now more than 70% of Calsonic Kansei’s radiators are using this brazed tube that came from racing.

Using motorsports technologies in mass market products
A:the general welded tube, B:Calsonic Kansei’s B-shaped TUBE

New challenges

Like mass production cars, Formula One cars have been adopting turbochargers and hybrid engines since 2014, and have motors and inverters installed. Cooling systems for these are separate from the engine cooling systems, and so it has become a pressing need to develop an optimal heat exchanger for this system.
Under such circumstances, Calsonic Kansei is developing heat exchangers that are lightweight, have high performance, and can withstand high pressures. In addition, Calsonic Kansei is taking on the challenge to aim for extreme performance by installing in race cars the latest heat exchange products that can only be made by hand.

Participation in Motor Sports

For more than 30 years since 1982, Calsonic Kansei has been participating in top category races in Japan and overseas, against a backdrop of endless innovation to bring about a better society, and a never-ending passion to nurture a rich culture through motorsports.
Currently, Calsonic IMPUL GT-R, led by team principal Kazuyoshi Hoshino from TEAM IMPUL, is contributing to the development of motorsports in Japan through its participation in the very popular Japan Super GT Series.

Participation in Motor Sports
An official supplier to McLaren An official supplier to McLaren

Participation in Motor Sports

An official supplier to McLaren

In 2016, Calsonic Kansei signed a multi-year partnership with McLaren-Honda to become its official supplier. McLaren-Honda is a leading team in Formula One, the pinnacle of global motorsports, and Calsonic Kansei’s relationship with McLaren Racing goes back to 1992, supplying them with heat exchange products for race cars over the years. Through the signing of this multi-year global partnership, Calsonic Kansei hopes to build an even tighter relationship than before.

An official supplier to McLaren An official supplier to McLaren