We aim to become an environmental business group that is trusted globally

"We at Calsonic Kansei, in order to create a pleasant natural environment,contribute to the development of a spiritually rich society by returning to the basics of nature, while at the same time working towards environmental conservation using intellectual innovation stemming from new technology integration."

Five Pillars to Base Our Daily Activities on to Realize Our Goals

  • Reinforcement of environmental management within our group
  • Promotion and expansion of zero emission plants that do not generate waste materials
  • Environmental Friendly product Development
  • CO2(causative substance of global warming) Emission Reduction
  • Societal Contribution and Regional Coexistence

Promotion of environmental management within our group
We strive to raise the environmental awareness of our employees by defining an environmental operation plan that enables all of our employ.

'Earth-friendly products'We are providing the world with environmental-conscious products. 'Earth-friendly plant'We are making effort to reduce all load generated by production activity.
'Earth-friendly recycling'We are promoting recycling of the retrieved parts from the used car and the manufacturing process. 'Environmental Report'You can see all Calsonic Kansei's activities for the environment.
'Workplace Charging We promote the system to charge electric cars at workplaces.