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Description of our products for a vehicle as 6 category

CPM & Interior Products

Cockpit Module and Interior Products are closer to the users than any other product for we constantly interact(see, touch, feel) with them while we are in the car.
Not only do they provide confort such as user-friendliness, quality appearance and texture, but also are designed to enhance driving safety.

Climate Control Systems

Our Climate Control Systems, which consist of the Interior Unit(Air-Conditioning Unit and Intake Blower Unit) and the External Unit(Compressor and Condencer), create a comfortable cabin environment.


Compressor is a key component of the Climate Control System. Its function is to circulate the refrigerant through the refrigerating cycle and serve as the "heart" of the system.

Heat Exchange Products

Our products reduce fuel consumption and ensure great comfort through the efficient control and balance of thermal energy between the engine coolant, refrigerant, engine and transmission oils, airflow and exhaust gases and by saving product weight.

Electronic Products

To ensure the safety and comfort of vehicles, Calsonic Kansei provides a wide range of Electronic Products:electric vehicles related products, Human Machine Interface(HMI) products for enhancement of car user's convenience and many more.

Exhaust Systems

By developing/manufact
uring exhaust products as a total system, we can realize the product requirements that conflict each other, for example noise suppression, exhaust gas purification, engine performance, in a well-balanced manner.

Our products are OEM products ( Original Equipment Manufacturing), and are not sold directly to the customer. We cannot release any information regarding product specifications, quality assurance and after-sales service of OEM parts.
If you are inquiring about OEM parts, please contact your car manufacturer or local service dealer.